crostone sfacciato con nduja e zucchine

Toasted bread with ‘nduja and zucchini

A dish that ends any menu, with a lightly spicy flavor that will satisfy the palates of many people: toasted bread slices with ‘nduja and zucchini are tasty when accompanied by a cold red wine glass.


  • 4 toasted bread slices
  • 100gr. ‘duja
  • 2 Zucchini
  • 100 gr. Fontina cheese
  • 200 gr. tomatoes
  • olive oil


The first step is to wet lightly the toasted bread slices with a little olive oil: be careful, because if you wet too much, you risk to make toasted bread too greasy and not very digestible. Then thoroughly wash tomatoes and zucchini, and cut the first into slices or cubes, the latter into slices and put the two ingredients in a bowl. At the same time, slice ‘nduja thinly, trying to remove the peel, and put it into a bowl. At this point, prepare a brazier and put toasted bread to cook: possibly cover every toasted bread with a slice of Fontina cheese (or any other cheese to melt), and remove from heat once the cheese melts completely. After cooking, you simply need to put each toasted bread slice on a plate and place the ingredients on it: try to garnish with the same amount, so that each bread slice has the same taste, avoiding that some could be less seasoned.

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