Spreadable Calabrian salami made from pork.
Easy ‘Nduja is a new way to consume one of the most famous typical Calabrian food.
Easy ‘Nduja is the true ‘nduja of Spilinga, packaged in single-dose sachets, without any preservative or colorant addition.
All stages of production, from the preparation of meat and chili, to the seasoning and packaging, are made in Spilinga

EASY because

it is packaged in a single portion and it can be also used in small amounts

EASY because

small and convenient sachets allow to carry it always with you

EASY because

you can easily consume it in restaurants and pizzerias, to enrich your dishes

EASY because

you can send or put it in your suitcase, to make it taste to friends and family

EASY because

you can buy it at the supermarket in small packs of 5 sachets

EASY because

it is simply the true ‘nduja of Spilinga packaged in sachets

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It is one of the most popular Calabrian products known in the world, but because of the difficulty in consuming it, it has spread very little. Easy ‘Nduja is only an easier way to consume the true  ‘nduja of Spilinga in small sachets. It is nothing more then the traditional recipe with which it is produced in Spilinga, its birthplace.

But what is ‘nduja? It is defined a spreadable salami, unique in its kind, prepared with lard, bacon, lean pork and Calabrian chili dried in the sun; the salami is then smoked with oak, olive, acacia wood and successively left to the aging.
The quality of the meat used, considerably affect the final characteristics of the product. The real ‘nduja of Spilinga is made with the exclusive use of locally pigs flesh, raised according to ancient feeding techniques. Even the chili plays an essential role in the preparation ofEasy ‘nduja: normally , that used, is also cultivated in the typical area of production (Altopiano del  Poro).



Today  the  ‘Nduja of Spilinga finds many uses in coocking, and also the great Italian chefs use it to prepare their best dishes.
For example, ‘Nduja is delicious with eggs and it is perfect to flavor sauces;
It is a great ingredient to use as “stuffing” in chops, Sicilian arancini and fried turnover; then there is the pasta that together with the ‘Nduja of Spilinga are a must of the Calabrian cuisine;  a must that travelers who decide to spend their holidays in Calabria should include in the “to-taste list”.  ‘Nduja is also delicious as condiment on pizza or as stuffed on focaccia with red onion of Tropea; it  should be also used, as a flavor enhancer in the eggplant parmigiana, in potatoes pies and pumpkin (since both the potato and pumpkin are slightly sweet and marry very well with ‘nduja). It is also  excellent with vegetables and to flavor vegetable soups …
So endless uses for a product to explore!

Easy ‘Nduja is born to be distributed in the best supermarkets and in the best clubs, restaurants, pizzerias of the national territory.

If you are a pub or bar and you desire more information write us here and you will be contacted  by our local distributor. If you are interested in selling it at your supermarket write us here to get all the necessary information.

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